Friday, March 5, 2010

Call for help.

Hello! Maybe you have stumbled upon this blog, maybe you've been linked to it, maybe you looked for it, in anycase, welcome.

I have a favor to ask you!  If you live in the Portland Metro Area and have access to a large open space where I can invite people to come and help make Utility Quilts to send to Haiti, please contact me. I need to make as many of these things as I can and the only way to do so is with tons of help!

I'm looking for space between March 21st and March 28th. If you, or anyone you know has a space available, please contact me.

If you are in the Eugene area, remember! There are some upcoming Utility Quilt events that I will need your help with!

EMU Craft Center, March 17th from 12-5

M.E.C.C.A. March 20th 11-3



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