Sunday, March 21, 2010


The Craft Center and the MECCA events both went very well. We've made two tarps and have enough prep-work done for one more.

Look forward to an article in the Oregonian some time next week! I was interviewed on the phone and a photographer came to MECCA and took some pictures. I really hope that the article gives this project some attention. I need some help making these tarps and would like to set up some events next week in Portland but I have no where to do it. Maybe the article will elicit some responses.

I also would really like to maybe contact another organization out there, one that is already established and has a volunteer base and connections and everything. Making people care is hard business! I wish I could fully commit to this project but I'm a full-time student...I don't exactly have time to start a non-profit.

Two things I'm trying to make happen:
-A place to host an event in Portland next week.

-To make a video that I can post to YouTube instructing people on how to make the tarps themselves so that I can get more and more people making these things.

If you can help out in anyway with these two things, please e-mail me!


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