Sunday, March 21, 2010


Hey everyone!
I have my first event solidified for Portland!
Saturday April 4th at SCRAP
located at:
2915 Northeast MLK Jr Blvd
Portland, OR 97212

Bring irons! Bring bags!

Still looking to put on more events. Contact me if interested in hosting. Thanks!


  1. I am very excited about your project (plastic grocery bags are a pet peeve, I swear those things multiply overnight). I shared the story with my mom who responded saying she wished you could get a drycleaner's "mangle" to speed the process - I'm not sure that would work since you have many small parts but wanted to pass on the idea. If you are not familiar with a mangle it's a very large roller iron used to iron tableclothes, etc.

  2. Hey Ms. Ruby! Mrs. Meuwissen here.
    get in touch with Brooke Mayo, Celeste Colasurdo, Melissa Lowry at Southridge.

    I am retired--what can I do to help? I see you need bags, irons, a space, grommets (?) and hands. And transport/shipping to destination or a connecting point. What kind of cost have you found for that?

    And.. I am sure your profs have been guiding you--have you contacted any green businesses, non profits, etc? And have you given thought to getting a trademark? Have you considered a signature design? A Haitian word or phrase and design--a logo, if you will, that could be part of the tarp's appeal?

    See you Saturday!!!!

    The press you got should bring some response

  3. I'm sure the article in the newspaper will get attention on this project.
    BTW, I think you meant April 3rd, Saturday - not 4th =)

  4. Hi, I just read the article in the Oregonian about all that you're doing. I'd like to take part, but we can't get up to Scrap tomorrow! How can I stay apprised of if and when you have another one of these events, 'cause I'm going to tell all my friends to save their plastic bags, and have their irons ready!?

  5. Hope your event is going well. I heard about you through the story in the Oregonian and would love to hear updates!

  6. Our women's and youth group is interested in helping with this project. And we know someone going to Haiti in June. We would love to know how to create these traps. How many bags do we need to be saving for each tarp?

  7. Hello Ruby. I saw the 'Design for the other 90%' exhibit at Mercy Corps last fall and it made a big impact. Your idea encompasses many beautiful concepts; making something aesthetically beautiful and useful at the same time but also uses those insidious plastic bags that cause so much environmental concern. In Senegal last May, north of Dakar, I had to wade through yards of them at the beach to go swimming in the ocean.

    I love your idea and want to help construct but couldn't make it Saturday. More please!