Monday, April 12, 2010


Excellent news!
My friend Brian McAndrews has agreed to help me film and produce a video detailing how to make a utility quilt.This means that people from all over the world will be able to make them and send them to either me, or find their own way to get them to Haiti. I'm thrilled! I think that together, we just might be able to reach 100.

Expect it to be up by the end of next weekend!


  1. What a wonderful idea so creative I saw the story on the news and I want to help too! So far been collecting plastic bags at work and from friends and family. The video is a great idea. Do you know where the workshop will be this weekend?

  2. Ruby you are a Star! Absolutely love the work you're doing, wonder if in Australia I can help, want to know how to make those tarps absolutely fantastic idea! Lise :^)

  3. Ruby,
    I'm interested in creating either a drive to get together plastic bags to send to you or maybe even organizing an effort to make our own tarp at my school here in Texas. Where can I send either the bags or a completed tarp?