Monday, April 5, 2010

Weekend Update.

What an overwhelming response I have had in the past week. The article really made things take off and I think we might have enough momentum to make a lot of tarps.

I want to thank everyone who came to the event on Saturday at SCRAP.  You all helped so much. So many people came that we actually had to turn some people away. The irons blew out all of the outlets in one of the rooms! So we mostly got a lot of prep-work done but that is just fine because now, at the next event, we will be ready to go right off the bat. YOU'RE AWESOME! THANK YOU!

Speaking of next events, I am busy at work planning two for the Portland area before the end of the month.  One will take place at Southridge High school on April 24th from 10-5. 

The other is not finalized yet but it will most likely take place on April 17th. Stay tuned for more info.

Other things to look forward to: A YouTube video and a PDF with instructions on how to make your own Utility Quilt.  Its hard to get all of this done AND go to school full time, but with everyone's help, I think we can get it done.

Again, I can't thank you enough.



  1. I will so be there at the next event, with bells on, and an extension cord, or two... I wonder if they make battery powered irons?

  2. Hi Ruby,

    A friend called and asked me to check our your blog... I find it totally refreshing that you are interested in Haiti.

    Please visit our website: if you are interested in volunteering in Haiti. We will host you at no cost if you come to our guest house in Port-au-Prince

    Kind Regards,

    Shane Mattenley
    Director - Mercy League International

  3. Great work Ruby! I live in Salem where I do the recycling for a volunteer organization. Do you need bags? If so,I have lots of bags to donate. Do you know any way I could get them to you in Eugene or Portland? Anybody commuting either place? Ellen S.

  4. etstevens and Ruby -- I live in Salem also and would like to help out. I emailed Ruby on Saturday to ask if she needed more bags from Salem though I haven't heard back yet (no doubt Ruby's real busy!). I had thoughts of asking Fred Meyer, Roths, WalMart etc about their extra bags. AND I am going through Portland on the way to Seattle on Friday afternoon, April 16 and could bring bags to a spot Ruby designates. Let's work something out!

  5. Ugh, I'm really not very good at using this website! Anyway, I would love to get more information on the Southridge event, I live in the area and would love to help with what I can! Just let me know what you need me to do and bring!